How to remove a spider from a car (6 Quick Tip )

No one wants a spider in their car. They’re creepy, and they could startle you while driving, potentially putting your safety at risk.

If you find yourself with one or more of these unwanted, 8-legged visitors, you’re sure to want to know how to get rid of them, for your comfort and safety.

I've just purchased a new car and every time I get in it there's a spider's web hanging down near the pedals.

It's a little annoying and tickles my legs and the thought of a spider running around when I'm driving isn't nice.

So, without further ado, here’s how to get rid of a spider in a car!

Why There’s a Spider in Your Car

Oftentimes, there are little cracks and holes in the door seals, windows, or other likely areas that we don’t know about.

You can prevent spiders from returning in the future by plugging these up as best you can (with some manner or sealant).

Spiders are also known to dislike the smell of citrus and peppermint.

You can potentially deter them by applying scent sprays with these essential oils inside of your car!

What about when the spider has already gotten in, however? Spiders can be sneaky critters, and so good at hiding they may seem to disappear (except for the tell-tale webs they leave behind). Fortunately, you can potentially kick these interlopers out, with just a little know-how!

1. Vacuum Out Your Car

How to remove a spider from a car

One of the most effective ways to rid your car of a resident spider is a good old-fashioned vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum your car thoroughly, and put a special focus on nooks and crannies where the spider might be holed up.

Also vacuum any webs you may see on the ceiling, doors, etc.

If you by chance miss vacuuming the spider, and new webs continue to appear, it may be worth another go-over (or two, or three. Also, don’t forget to utilize the crevice tool if your vacuum has one).

It’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to avoid a vacuum forever!

2. Use a Chlorine Bombe to Kill it Off

Chlorine Bombe

Chlorine bombs are sometimes used in cars to eliminate odor.

They’re also potent enough to potentially kill a spider. If you’re looking for an easy thing to try, a chlorine bomb might do the trick.

3. Throw Out Any Trash or Clutter

If you have any trash or clutter in your car, you may want to clear it out.

Otherwise, it can provide spiders with shelter (or even food, if there is an old food container).

If there is any old gear or anything that looks like it could harbor a spider, it may be worth a look A bit of tidying and reorganization may flush the spider from its hiding spot, as well as leave your car cleaner!

4. A Sticky Trap (You Can Even DIY)

sticky spider trap

One of the best ways to catch any bug is a sticky trap. Unfortunately, they’re often clever enough to know to avoid us (it’s instinct, really).

They’ll still come out of hiding when we’re gone, however - and this is when a sticky trap can do its work! While there’s no guarantee the spider will walk onto a trap, the more traps there are, the more likely it is they’ll stumble across one and become stuck.

You can either purchase sticky traps at the store, or you can make your own out of cardboard, corn syrup, and water.

Just boil equal parts corn syrup and water (a cup of each will do).

Coat the gluey mixture on small pieces of cardboard, and stick them strategically about your car!

5. Catch Them By Hand

If you’re fortunate enough (if ‘fortunate’ is the right word) to spot the spider behind the webs, you can also try to catch them by hand.

Of course, not literally… a paper and cup are recommended, as most aren’t too keen on manhandling one of these creepy crawlers. Deposit the spider far from the area, so it doesn’t just make its jolly way back.

If you’re feeling less benevolent, you can also always give the spider a squish if it comes into view!

This is less effort but can be unpleasant, as they don’t always squish cleanly, and you might have to wipe the residue off. This being said, the spider will certainly not be back!

6. Clean the car filters

clean car filters

Many cars have in-built air filters to remove any unwanted guest that might come through the air system in your car.

These can be a great place for spiders to live.

Changing them over year or at least cleaning them can help remove spiders and other unwanted bugs.

You could even take them out each month and spray with natural insect replents that will not only kill or repelt insects but also make you car smell fresher

Final thoughts

So, there you have it: the most effective ways to discourage a spider from your car in the first place, and, more important, how to get rid of a spider in your car.

Hopefully, one or two of these ideas will do the trick!

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