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Here at Helpful Monk, we are completely devoted to improving your life.

We offer advice on a wide variety of topics. Each of our posts offers a list of helpful tips to tackle the everyday problems life throws your way. Each guide is designed to make your life a little bit better.

Our writers scour the internet for information, so you don't have to. Like monks (without the hooded habit), we chase happiness through our lifestyle, experiences, and hobbies. 

It is our calling to provide you with lifestyle hacks and useful information to improve your life and make your days easier so that you can solve those niggling problems and get back to what you love!

Let us take the burden of research off your hands.

Our Mission

Like all monks, we have devoted our lives to a higher calling. Everything that we do is in service of humanity, all living things, and the Earth itself. 

It is our mission to provide our readers with truly useful information in order to improve their lives.

There are so many things vying for our attention in the modern world. We deliver tried-and-tested hacks and guides in order to cut through the noise and provide you with what you need.

Our mission is to give you more time to follow your calling!

Jack Reed senior editor at helpful monk

Jack Reed

Senior Editor

Our editor is devoted to curating the best possible content for The Helpful Monk. He makes sure each assignment goes to its perfect writer to bring you useful, up-to-date information on everything from spring cleaning to parenting. 

The inspiration for our site name, Jack is a literal monk!

Jack is a lay practitioner of Mahayana Buddhism. After three years in a quiet monastery, he moved back to his home state of New Hampshire to care for his aging parents and serve the world through the dissemination of information.

He's an experienced editor who spends his free time meditating, gardening, and walking his dog in the beautiful woods of New Hampshire. 

Meet the team. A fine bunch of men and women from all walks of life and many different countries from around the world. All our writers have a passion for fun and adventure. Many have qualifications within a particular hobby sector which makes them ideally placed to recommend the perfect hobby or activity for you. Some of our writers are paid authors and some are just like you and me, enthusiasts. Either way, their knowledge is invaluable.


Stacy Guevara  

Stay at home mom and blogger

If there's one thing Stacy's kids (and grandkids) can tell you about their mom, it's that she prides herself on a clean house.

Once a full-time writer for popular home and garden magazines, Stacy left the business world to devote her time and attention to her four children. With 2 kids grown and gone and the remaining two in high school, Stacy returned to her career as a writer to share her expertise with the world.

Keeping a house clean when it's full of kids, grandkids, and Boston Terriers is no mean chore! But Stacy manages it -- and gets dinner on the table too! Follow along with our helpful guides to learn how she does it. 

Need help with a household problem?

Whether it's 17 Lemon Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Home Shinier Than Ever or 21 Clever Spring-Cleaning Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of, Stacy will tell you how to make your home shine.  

Contact us with your questions, and Grandma Stacy will reveal her secrets.  

Stacy lives in Maine with her husband, two of her children, and four beloved dogs.

bill harmer

Bill Hamar 

Food Technician and Blogger

Bill is our resident food expert. With a degree in culinary arts and decades of experience in the kitchen, Bill knows just about everything there is to know about cooking tips and tricks.

Whether it's filet mignon or deep-dish pizza, Bill puts his heart and soul into every dish he creates.

There are countless recipes out there, but Bill provides something even better: the knowledge you need to improvise! His kitchen advice will help you to whip together a gourmet meal using just what you have on hand. 

Bill loves to attempt new recipes and explore cuisines from all around the world. Whatever ingredients you have in the fridge or cabinet, Bill knows how to put them together and make them sing.

When Bill isn't in the kitchen, he loves to shoot hoops with his son in NYC.

Xolotl Delmar writer at helpful monk

Xolotl Delmar 

Plumbing and DIY Expert

Xolotl is an Aztec name pronounced Shoal-oat.

Plumber by day and a lifelong student of anthropology, Xolotl is a jack of all trades. He writes constantly, everything from poetry to history to -- of course -- helpful articles for our site.

Xolotl is a licensed plumber and all around handyman. With over a decade of experience in carpentry, plumbing, and more, Xolotl is the one to turn to when something needs fixing.

Whether you need to Unblock Your Toilet Fast or fix a more serious problem, Xolotl can help.

A San Diego native, Xolotl spends his spare time surfing at Wind'n'Sea or swimming at the cove.

Ranora Montoya

Ranora Montoya

Biochemist and Journalist

Ranora is a trained biochemist and part-time journalist. She loves to write, but her true calling is solving everyday problems with science!  

Currently a stay-at-home mama to two small children, Ranora has an MFA in creative writing. She's been writing all her life.

A recent college grad, Ranora keeps us young. We may have the wisdom of decades, but Ranora keeps us in touch with what people want and need to know today!

The genius behind 6 Neat Ways to Make an Emergency Diaper, Ranora reports from the field, parenting in the trenches. She brings you all the latest hacks to make parenting just a little bit easier -- because when you're a busy mom, that extra five minutes is everything.


Almira Amin

Health and Wellness

Almira is the writer we turn to for all things health and wellness. She is a registered dietician and certified herbalist who lives to help other people improve their health and wellbeing. 

With a thriving garden and a wall of well-stocked shelves, Almira knows the best herbs for any ailment.

She can tell you which foods will improve your health, how to grow your own vegetables and more.

Almira is also an expert in natural, homemade cleaning products. She knows how to get a room sparkling clean and smelling fresh without the use of any unhealthy or environmentally irresponsible chemicals.

Follow along for more tips on how you can improve your health and home!