Fun Things To Do With A Broken LCD Screen

If you have an old flat-screen TV or computer screen knocking about in your garage, have you ever considered that it could be put to good use? Well, not only can you save a piece of old technology from the scrapheap, but you also can repurpose a mundane blank screen into a range of intriguing […]

How To Get Roof Bars Off Without Key

Whether you’ve lost your roof bar key or have purchased a used vehicle with a rack already attached, you might need to remove these bars without a key. In either case, removing roof bars without the master key is relatively simple. With just an Allen key set and long nose pliers, you can remove the […]

How To Get JVC TV Off Standby Mode Without Remote [Answered]

Turning off standby mode on your JVC TV without a remote is easier than you may think. Scroll down to learn exactly what you need to do. How To Get JVC TV Off Standby Mode Without Remote There are three different ways that you can get your JVC TV off standby mode without using a […]

How to Make a DIY Pizza Stone for Less Than $5

By Jason McKnight | We all love pizza. But who wants to spend $25-$50 on a store-bought pizza stone? With this DIY article, you'll be able to make your own for much cheaper! This is a quick and easy project that can be done in about 20 minutes. It's also an excellent way to […]

8 Easy Hacks to Remove Underarm Odor from Clothes (Without Washing)

Author: Joy Adi Are you tired of coming back home every evening & wondering “Gosh how in the world do I smell like that?” It doesn’t matter whether you sweat a little or a lot, underarm sweating is nothing but a nuisance. You are not alone; it is something all of us face regularly. However, […]

6 Neat Ways to Make an Emergency Diaper

Diaper 911 It’s every new parent’s nightmare and, trust me, we’ve all been there.  It’s changing time for your little bundle of joy and as you reach for a diaper... … you find out that you are out of diapers... in the middle of the night on a road trip  when you’re out of cash […]

How to Get a Trigger Lock Off Without a Key

Guns will have a trigger lock on them for safety reasons. This is a two-piece locking mechanism that's designed to fit over the gun's trigger. Some trigger guards require a key to open, while modern ones can be opened with a combination.  Every gun owner should understand the importance of gun safety and why their […]

How To Get Valve Springs Off Without Tool: Step-By-Step Guide

Removing valve springs can be difficult if you do not have specialty tools, but it is not impossible. To learn how to get valve springs off without tool, keep reading for a step-by-step guide using only basic tools that you probably already have in your collection. How To Remove Valve Springs Without Special Tools What […]

How to get clutch off without puller

Snow season might be a beauty to behold, but over time driving in snow can be a hassle as well as a weight on your pocket. Instead of having to spend repeatedly on new tools to remove a stuck clutch plate, simple tricks exist that can help get the job done. With the combined power […]

How to Get Something off Your Chest

Struggling with secrets or repressed feelings can take a terrible toll on your wellbeing and make you feel trapped and isolated with an issue that is too large to handle. Whether it's admitting to breaking or stealing an item or disclosing more serious matters, getting something that is troubling you off your chest can be […]

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