13 Clever Pet Hair Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

No matter how much you love your pets, pet hair can be frustrating. Trying to get rid of pet hair can be an epic battle. But it's one you can win.

Here are some awesome lifesaver pet hair hacks to help you out. 

13. Tumble dry before washing

With pets, you have to wash rugs and most materials frequently. Before you wash, use a tumble dryer for a few minutes (about 10- 15).

The tumble dryer will blow off all the pet hair. Once it's done, shake the fabrics well and pop them in the washer.

You can now open the lint trapping part and just throw the hair away.

12. Use big fans 

You'll be blown away by this easy hack. Simply put a fan or two on one side of the room as near to the floor as possible.

Switch them on and leave them running for a couple of hours. The fan will blow all the hair into one corner.

All you have to do is scoop it up and throw it away. As easy as that. The bigger the fan, the better. 

11. With a pumice stone

It turns out a pumice stone is good for more than one thing.

Rub the surface of soft furnishings with a pumice stone, and all the hairs will come out and form easily collectible balls for you to throw out.

It works perfectly for couches, chairs, and car seats. 

10. Sponge and squeegee it out

You can use a sponge or wet cloth to dab on surfaces and wipe off the hair.

Then use a window squeegee to scrape off the rest. It's great to keep handy in the car and around the house.

9. Pet vacuum cleaner

It's no magical trick, but it's the most surefire way of getting rid of pet hair. You'll need to vacuum as often as you can.

Preferably every morning to keep the hair from accumulating. If you're doing a deep clean, you may have to vacuum twice.

Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Once when you start and then again when you're done. It's best to use a high-quality vacuum with a HEPA filter to take care of any allergens.

Also, remember to empty out the filter every so often. 

8. Use dryer sheets

You can remove hairs from fabric with dryer sheets. They'll pick up any loose hairs on fabric unbelievably fast.

Simply rub a dryer sheet on the fabric, and the pet hairs will cling to it in one swoop.  

7. Use a lint roller 

Lint roller is a tried and tested way to get rid of pet hairs. It's a lifesaver for a last-minute rub down when you get pet hairs on you before you leave the house.

You can also use it to clean the couch or chairs. 

Don't have a lint roller on hand? Nothing to worry about; simply use the sticky end of some duct tape.

You can roll it into any round object (like a hairbrush) with the sticky side showing. Then use it to roll on your furniture, and it'll catch all the hairs. 

A neat trick to make it more effective is to spray some anti-static liquid spray before using a lint roller. Any anti-static spray like the one you use for clothes will do.

You can even use a fabric softener (mix it with water and put it in an old spray bottle) to do the job. 

6. Use rubber gloves

If you have pet grooming gloves, you can simply dampen them a little and then run your hands over the fabric.

The hair will stick to the glove like magic. It works perfectly well for getting the hair out of the hard-to-reach places like the inside parts of the couch or the corners of carpeted stairs. 

13 Clever Pet Hair Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know
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Don't have any pet grooming gloves? You can use any rubber gloves like the ones you use to do the dishes. They'll work in the same way. It's super easy and so fast.

5. Avoid clogging the drain 

Pet hair can be a nightmare when it clogs the drain. To avoid this, use baby wipes or any porous fabric to cover the drain when you wash your pets.

The wipes will catch the hairs before they get into the drain. That will be one less problem to deal with.

4. Use static electricity

Remember that science class about static electricity? No? Well, you don't have to, but you can still use static electricity to take care of pet hair. Here's how:


Waving a filled-up balloon over the area with hair will pick up the hair using the static electricity it generates. 

Rubber surface

Rub anything with a rubbery surface. The sole of your shoes, rubber ball - anything rubber will do.

Rub it together or over your hair and wave it close to the surface, and it will pick up some hairs. 

As you can imagine, this only works over small areas; it would be hard and very time-consuming to do it on large surfaces. 

3. Try Velcro

Velcro (the sticky side) can pick up tiny pet hairs from most surfaces. Just dab it over the surface a few times, and it'll clean everything up.

You can buy big fragments of Velcro or a Velcro hair curler. 

2. Use a wet sponge

Looking for a cheap and easy way to take care of the pet hair? Try using a kitchen sponge.

Use the scourer side of the sponge to pick up hair on surfaces. A wet microfiber towel will also work the same. Just give it the rub, and it'll collect the hairs.

Try moving the sponge in a circular motion so the hair can form into a ball. It's simple but effective.

1. Keep a rubber broom brush handy

Buy a rubber broom brush. It's great at loosening up little bits of hair stuck in the carpet or on seats. The small rubber bristles can even get into the hard-to-reach places. 

Summing Up

Getting rid of pet hair can be a tall order. Try some of these tips to keep it under control.

If everything fails, keep all the furniture covered and call it a day! 

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