7 Must - Try Dishwasher Hacks for Every Home

Your dishwasher can do so much more than washing dishes!

For many households, the dishwasher is the workhorse of the home. Not only does it save you the wranglings of who is going to tackle the washing up, but savvy homemakers have also found that the dishwasher can do a whole host of other stuff too.

There are some crazy things you can do with your dishwasher!

With this article, we take dishwasher hacks out of the realm of urban myth and deliver you 10 practical and effective hacks that will push the limits of what your dishwasher can do on the daily. 

Dishwasher hacks are all about understanding and exploiting your dishwasher cycle.

Think about it. Most dishwashers follow the same multi-stage cycle from pre-wash to drying with predictable junctures that can be controlled.

By breaking up the cycle into its different individual stages you can use your dishwasher for added functionality as you will see in these ten neat hacks.

Will I wreck my dishwasher by doing these hacks?

Most of these dishwasher hacks are safe and simple enough to not cause any harm to your appliance, but it is important that you use your dishwasher according to your manufacturer’s instructions, especially if it is in warranty. 

Take a look at these 7 must-try dishwasher hacks!

1. Why not give your flip-flops or crocs a new lease of life with a dip in the dishwasher?

If your flip-flops or crocs are getting grimy, you can give them a thorough clean by popping them in your dishwasher on a sterilizing cycle. Get them clean by loading them on the top rack and prevent any warping of the plastic by opting for an air dry. 

2. Your dishwasher can clean up your little one’s LEGO and other small toys

If you like us, you have probably scratched your head wondering how to clean and sanitize tiny kids’ toys like LEGO and DUPLO, especially if they have been slobbered over or discarded in dirty places. Why not pop them in your dishwasher on a cold cycle to clean them up in bulk! 

You can put small plastic toys in your dishwasher, and they will survive like this epic LEGO pirate ship dishwasher video: 

Just remember to load loose pieces in the cutlery basket. Perhaps larger plastic toys can occupy the racks too. 

3. Dirty old make-up brushes can be revived on a sanitizing cycle.

You may use your makeup brushes to brighten your appearance, but over time they can become a haven for dirt, grime, and bacteria. Beauty mavens claim that the dishwasher can give their hard-working beauty tools the makeover they deserve.

Apparently, all you need to do is load your brushes in the cutlery basket; set a cold cycle with air drying. Be careful and test this method first with a cheap brush as you don't want to have an epic fail like this husband and father!

4. Baseball caps can get clean in the upper rack of a dishwasher!

Keeping a baseball cap clean can be a bit of a challenge as the agitation of a washing machine can wreck them. 

A dishwasher solves the problem by simply washing off dirt with hot soapy water but keeping everything still. 

Try it by placing your cap in the upper rack of an empty dishwasher and running a regular (not hot). Use a laundry tab in the detergent compartment. Once done, allow your cap to air dry. 

See this hack in action:

5. Why not rinse your farmer’s market haul in your dishwasher.

If you buy farm-fresh produce like potatoes or carrots in bulk from your farmers market, you probably don’t look forward to a long session at the sink scrubbing the dirt of your veg.

Clever gardeners have worked out that you can wash root vegetables in bulk by using the rinse cycle on the dishwasher, making sure you get them out before your cook them…

6. ...which makes us wonder...have you tried dishwasher cooking?

If you have nearly burnt yourself grabbing hot dishes from the dishwasher you will know that a dishwasher can heat up real good!

It was only a matter of time until some genius tried to cook sous vide with the drying cycle. Temperatures can hit 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 degrees Celsius) which is enough to cook fish fillets or steam veg. 

Don’t believe us? Watch this video:

7. And when you need to clean up your dishwasher after your experiments, use Kool-Aid as a dishwasher cleaner!

If you were wondering if Kool-Aid is an additive-lite beverage, this hack should confirm your worst fears. The classic childhood powdered drink is now moonlighting as a powerful dishwasher cleaner.

Add lemonade Kool-Aid to your detergent compartment and run a regular cycle for a fresh and clean dishwasher. The Kool-Aid is horrifyingly effective at stripping grime and scum! 

We're sure you're looking at that dishwasher in a whole new light. 

Clear results will vary from dishwasher to dishwasher, but why not give some of these hacks a try. 

Treat your dishwasher right and it will treat you right too.

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