18 Uses of Club Soda You Never Thought of

Wondering what to do with club soda? We've got you covered.

Here's a list of eighteen 'amazeballs' use of club soda. Let's roll.

18. Light and Fluffy Food

Club soda can make your pancakes light, airy and fluffy. Use it in place of water or milk in pancake batters to make super light and fluffy pancakes.

A little squish into scrambled eggs also makes them soft.

17. Give Your Gelatin Dessert a Dazzle

Kids will definitely love this; try replacing cold water with club soda when making your jelly or any other gelatin dessert.

Your dessert will have a hint of fizz and a real sparkle. 

16. Shuck Your Oysters with Less Muscle

Is the dreadful task of shucking oysters keeping you away from enjoying this delicacy? Well, you can try this amazing club soda hack.

Just put your oysters in club soda for as little as five minutes, then shuck away.

18 Uses of Club Soda You Never Thought of

They won’t immediately pop out of their shells, but they will be much easier to open. Then you can cook and enjoy them. 

15. Clean Cast-Iron Pots or Pans

Cast iron pots are great to cook in but scrubbing them when they are all greasy and sticky inside is not fun at all. Club soda can make it easier.

While the pan is still warm, add in some club soda and let it sit overnight.

The soda’s fizzy carbonation will cut through the grease, and it’ll be much easier to clean. 

14. Clean Coffee or Stained Tea Mugs

Have some stained coffee or tea mugs? Relax; a little club soda can take care of it.

Simply put a little inside the mug and forget about it for a couple of hours (a little longer if they are horrible).

When you check on it, all the stains will be no more, leaving the mug as good as new.

13. Clean Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

Having a hard time cleaning your stainless-steel kitchen stuff? Try club soda.

Pour or spray a little directly on stainless steel ovens, porcelain fixtures, countertops, sinks, and all types of surfaces in your home.

Then all you need to do is wipe with a soft cloth, rinse with warm water, and wipe dry. And you get a clean, shiny surface.

To clean porcelain fixtures, spray club soda over them and wipe with a soft cloth — no need for soap or rinsing. Your fixtures will be sparkling clean.

12. Clean the Refrigerator

Wiping your refrigerator with a weak club soda solution and a little bit of salt on a cloth will leave it clean and odor-free.

11. Remove Rust and Loosen Rusty Screws

If you have any metal objects that have been lying in the open too long, it's likely that they now won’t open.

Club soda can come to the rescue. Just pour a little bit and give it five minutes. It’ll start to fizz a little because of carbonation.

Without getting too technical, all you need to know is that the rust will get loose, and you can wipe it off.

For other rusty objects, soak the item in club soda for an hour or two. The rusty stuff will loosen up and become easier to wipe off.

10. Remove Stains on Fabrics or Carpets

Club soda works wonders on stains from colorful beverages such as red wine and grease. Pour club soda where the stain is and scrub (do it gently).

You can scrub more vigorously if you want to remove stains on stiffer fabrics like carpets or any not-so-delicate fabrics. It's a great alternative to bleach because it’s much gentler on fabric.

9. Clean Jewelry

Soak your uncleaned jewelry in a glass that’s filled with club soda. You can do this overnight. It will clean your jewelry and give it a bright shine.

The bubbles (from the carbonation) will help loosen any grimy bits so you can quickly rinse them off.

Use a soft, clean cloth to remove any drops, dry the jewelry afterward, and give it a sparkling finish.

8. Eliminate Urine Stains

Pets are great company, but those urine accidents can be quite upsetting. Club soda will get rid of the stain.

Not only that, when you’re done cleaning with club soda, it will be like nothing ever happened - no smell.

Eliminate Urine Stains

After wiping off as much urine as you can, pour club soda over the stained area and immediately wipe the area again.

Then you can continue to enjoy the company of your four-legged buddy- no worries about accidents. 

7. Windshield Cleaner

Club soda can help break up those tacky messes of bird droppings and dead bugs that end up splattered on your car’s windshield.

The fizzy water makes the cleaning process easier and faster. 

6. Soothe an Upset Stomach

Sipping on club soda can help neutralize stomach acid and calm an upset stomach.

Feeling lots of gassy pressure in your stomach? A few sips of club soda will help your burp out the gases and release pressure in your tummy.

5. De-Frizz Hair

After shampooing your hair, pour club soda on your wet hair instead of using a hair conditioner.

Then rinse it off with cold water. Style your hair as you normally would.

Your frizz will be gone for good. 

4. Restore Your Hair Color

If your blonde or color-treated hair turns green after swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool, keep calm.

All you need to do is rinse your hair with club soda, and it will return to its original color instantly.

It's like magic! 

3. Help Plants Grow Better

Club soda’s added minerals make it a great food source for plants. So don’t throw out that leftover club soda.

Allow it to go flat and use it to water your indoor and outdoor plants.

Your plants will grow better, especially if you continue to water your plants with club soda about once a week.

It's a great organic nutritional boost for your plants.

2. Preserve Newspaper Cuttings

Have an old story printed in a newspaper you want to keep alive? Mix about one cup of milk of magnesia with one liter of club soda.

Let the mixture sit overnight. Then put the newspaper excerpts in the solution. Let them sit for close to an hour.

When the times up, take them out and dry them. They'll never grow a day old.

1. Science Experiments

If your little one is bored, you can wow them with a fascinating science experiment which you can easily do at home. It only requires half a glass of club soda and a few raisins.

Drop the raisins into the glass of club soda, and they will bounce up and down, thanks to the carbon dioxide bubbles.

Summing It All Up

There you have it, go ahead and try some of these uses of club soda.

Fun, versatile and useful all rolled up in one.

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