How to clean windows with Vinegar and Newspaper

Using newspaper to clean your windows seems a crazy idea, Right?

What about all the ink from the print and won't the paper just get wet and disintegrate?

Actually, no.

Most newspapers are now printed with soy-based ink. This will not come off whilst using the newspaper to clean your windows. A simple test to see if the paper is printed with soy-based ink is to firstly look for the stamp on the paper " Printed with soy ink " and secondly. Rub the paper in between your fingers for a minute if the ink comes off then it's petroleum-based ink which isn't good for cleaning windows. If however, it does not come off then it's soy-based and good for windows.

How do you clean windows with Newspaper and Vinegar

I learned this method when I was working in a large supermarket and we had lots of glass displays to clean. It's safer than chemical sprays and much more cost-effective.

Here's what you'll need:

  1. Old newspaper soy-based ink type
  2. White Vinager
  3. Measuring jug
  4. Bucket

Step by Step cleaning process

  1. Gather all the items from the list above and fill your bucket with warm water.
equipment for cleaning windows with newspaper

2. A mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water is perfect. For heavier dirt, you can add more vinegar!

3. Stir the solution

How to clean windows with Vinegar and Newspaper

4. Scrunch up the newspaper into a ball and dip it in the warm solution

5. Then use the soaked ball of wet newspaper to wet the windows and remove larger particles of dirt.

6. Whilst the window is still wet. Take a dry sheet of newspaper and scrunch it into a ball. Wipe the window as if the ball of the newspaper was a cloth. Use a circular motion to remove streaks until the window becomes dry. Try not to miss the corners.

How to clean windows with Vinegar and Newspaper

7. Then once dry use another sheet of newspaper Scrunched up to clean and remove excess water from the window frames.


The advantages of using newspaper to clean is undeniable.

This green product contains fewer chemicals and it's not harmful to nature, as the paper can be used more than once.

In addition, this material doesn't need washing like cloth towels so they are convenient and disposable when you're done with them!

You can even dry the paper out after use and recycle it or use it again for another purpose.

Always to hand

Unlike chemical sprays that cost a fortune and run out all the time. Newspaper is easy to find and often on-hand at home to use.

I wouldn't suggest rushing out to buy a newspaper to clean your windows. But if you have a read or used copy I would save it for when you next clean your windows.

Final thoughts

It may seem crazy to use Newspapers full of ink to clean your windows but it honestly is a great option and cost-effective.

It may seem like an old wives tale but it's a great Cleaning Hack for windows and mirrors around your home.

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