How to Get Something off Your Chest

Struggling with secrets or repressed feelings can take a terrible toll on your wellbeing and make you feel trapped and isolated with an issue that is too large to handle.

Whether it's admitting to breaking or stealing an item or disclosing more serious matters, getting something that is troubling you off your chest can be the start of moving on and recovering your peace.

A problem shared is not always a problem halved but in this short article, we will take you through how to get something off your chest.

For many people, secrets and hidden feelings become a prison, so speaking out can help them start the journey to recover themselves and move on with their lives.

Getting things off your chest can liberate. Here’s how to get something off your chest without telling anyone …
Writing you thoughts in a journal can help get your thoughts in order and get everything out.
Other ways in our article may also work.

But, old-fashioned but discretion and discernment still have their place too.

If your immediate feelings lead your disclosure at the time you speak out, you may share something, that on reflection, you did not want to be known.

You may post information about yourself or others on social media that becomes widely disseminated or tell someone who creates havoc in your life with your secret, so discernment is key.

Something off my chest

Here are some strategies for getting things off your chest

Journalling can help you order your thoughts and express the matter clearly

When confronted by another person it may be difficult to express the matter you need to disclose fully. Writing about the issue in a journal can help you get everything out including things you may have forgotten.

Speak to someone trusted

This may be someone you have a long-standing relationship with someone who knows you well, like your parent, friend, or spouse, or a person who holds an office of responsibility like a priest, doctor, or counselor. Depending on the issue, you may need to consider what that individual may have to do with the information shared.

Set aside time to get things off your chest fully

Opening up to someone should never be a rushed matter so you need to ensure that you have time to express everything that is to be shared. Depending on the matter you may need hours or even days to express the matter.

Keep it face to face wherever possible

Instant messaging, tweets and facetime make anywhere seem like the right setting for a heart to heart, but digital communications are largely between you, the person you are communicating with an unknown number of nebulous third parties who can retain that information. If you can, talk to a flesh and blood person who can sit with you and respond in person.

How to get something off your chest


Rounding up

Getting things off your chest is never easy but being honest and open is usually the healthiest approach. Talking things through is beneficial and will certainly reduce any stress or anxiety that you are experiencing concerning this issue. A last-minute piece of advice is never to be rushed or compelled, take your time to decide what you want to say and to whom.

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