How to Get a Trigger Lock Off Without a Key

Guns will have a trigger lock on them for safety reasons. This is a two-piece locking mechanism that's designed to fit over the gun's trigger. Some trigger guards require a key to open, while modern ones can be opened with a combination. 

Every gun owner should understand the importance of gun safety and why their gun needs a trigger lock. However, some gun collectors misplace their keys. If you have misplaced your keys and need to remove the trigger lock, there are ways to get around it.

On this page, we're going to discuss how to get a trigger lock off without a key. Keep reading to learn more.

Trigger Lock

Make Safety a Priority

The trigger lock has been placed on your gun for a reason. Therefore, it's not supposed to be easy to get off without the key as this defeats the purpose of a trigger lock. 

Now, if you were to open up YouTube and search "how to get a trigger lock off without a key", there will be many different methods presented to you. While the content creator was able to get their method to work, we can not guarantee they are safe methods. 

For example, some content creators have had success opening their gun's trigger lock with a drill. While someone who has a strong background in how a gun is set up and where all the key components are may be able to pull this off, gun holders with less knowledge and no background using drills could find themselves in a very dangerous situation if they hit the wrong part.

Before you get into how to get the trigger lock off without a key, we want you to put your safety first. If you are not confident in your skills in removing a trigger lock, always call a professional. Call a local locksmith as they will have the right tools to remove the trigger lock safely. There will be a fee, but it's worth it knowing you won't get injured.

How to Remove a Trigger Lock Without a Key Safely

If you are comfortable removing the trigger lock on its own, you can achieve this with a screwdriver. Use the following steps to remove the trigger lock.

  1. In order to begin this process, you will need a screwdriver that has a 3/16 inches (0.1875 inches) head. This process involves sticking the screwdriver into the trigger guard to disengage the lock.
  2. The trigger lock has teeth, which is what the tumbler holds onto to keep the lock in place. Your objective is to push the teeth it the screwdriver to release the tumbler. 
  3. The trigger lock is spring-loaded, so once you get your screwdriver in the right spot, it is easy to push the teeth of the lock back to release the tumbler. 

You may have to hold the trigger lock at different angles until you find one in which you can easily access the teeth. This method can be used on master trigger locks. 


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